About Kelsi



Life is a journey, and I believe that everyone has a path that ultimately helps other people on their own respective journeys. My journey has led me to create food with wholesome ingredients. I grew up in Idaho Falls, ID with an awesome family of six brothers and one sister. Being the youngest of the bunch meant I spent a lot of time with my mom. Having seven older siblings meant we spent a lot of time in the kitchen ;)

Spending time with my mom in the kitchen was the beginning of my path to finding a diet full of fresh food. My mom’s intestines flipped when I was ten, and this health scare led her to an enzyme-rich diet (the Raw Food Diet). 
After two years watching and learning from my mom, one morning, a few days before my 12th birthday, I decided to eat a Raw Food Diet with her.
That decision marked the beginning of my focused interest in health and wellness in general and a whole food diet in particular, and shortly afterward my mom and I went to the Ann Wigmore Natural Health Institute in Puerto Rico.  There we learned about the importance of having a healthy gut, and how sprouting and fermenting foods as well as growing microgreens can create a healthy gut and ultimately help to heal your body.


Once we learned about the healing side of the Raw Food Diet we then spent time in California at Living Light Culinary Art Institute where we learned about the gourmet possibilities of a Raw Food Diet


After months spent studying and learning we returned to Idaho where we started teaching classes to others on their path to a nutrient-dense diet.


In September, 2019, my mother passed away from ALS. One thing my mom told me was that I was preparing my whole life to create Kelsi’s Kitchen. Looking back on my path thus far I can see what she saw. So here’s to each person's path helping others on their own journeys and to Kelsi’s Kitchen, which we launched to help others create a healthy life filled with nutrient-dense food shared with those we love. <3