New at B&B! Kelsi's Kitchen Cacao Bites

What's the story behind Kelsi's Kitchen? As the youngest of eight kids, I spent a lot of my childhood in the kitchen with my mom, who adopted a raw diet after a health scare in 2001. My mom set her intention to eat the healthiest, high-quality food that she could find. As a young girl, my mom's journey was very inspiring to me, and when I was 12 I started eating a Raw Food diet alongside my mom. We travelled around the country to study the benefits of Raw Food and learn how to prepare delicious Raw Food recipes. Our travels took us to Ann Wigmore Institute in Puerto Rico and Living Light Culinary in Fort Bragg, California. I  joined my mom in many of these classes, and my mom continued her studies to become a certified Raw Food Chief. We then taught Raw Food classes together in the Idaho Falls area. She really was an incredibly talented Raw Food Chef, I feel blessed to have been able to learn all that I did from her. In September of 2019 she passed away from ALS and here at Kelsi’s Kitchen, we are starting to bring her healthy recipes to you - in honor of the amazing legacy that she left. My mom ate better to live better, and this simple philosophy inspires everything we do at Kelsi’s Kitchen. 

What makes your bites unique/special? They are made of 5 core, whole foods, all of which add nutritional value to you diet :)  We use organically sourced, fair trade ingredients and local honey from a family-owned farm in Idaho.  They are super clean and incredibly delicious, even according to unbiased reviewers (“mouth-melting” is one of our favorite descriptions).

We have a lot of active and health-minded folks here in Teton Valley––what are some reasons you recommend your bites as a great source of fuel? Our bites work as a great way for people to stay consistent in their health journey. Being interested and involved with health my whole life I have noticed that it is hard for people to consistently eating clean. And that consistency is the key to success. I have observed that if people can have just a bite of something that satisfies their cravings or something sweet and filling, and if they can find a treat that using whole, clean ingredients, then people can consistently stay on their path to health. Willpower is like a muscle, and when you over use it without any ‘rest days’ it ends up giving out. If you try to just 'will power' your way through your diet soon enough you will break, and at that point it is hard for people to get back on their healthy journey. These bites are the perfect treat to have around so you can stay consistent - helping you eat and live better. :) 

Anything else you'd like to share with us about yourself or your business? It has been amazing to start up Kelsi’s Kitchen and to watch and feel the community come together and help us grow our brand, it really is a collaboration of so many people. Thanks for all your support! 


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